So, who knew starting a blog involved so much technical skill?  (A lot of you, I'm guessing!)  I've been bogged down in trying to learn wordpress so I can switch over from weebly, learning to edit my photos better using picmonkey, and generally forgetting to take "before" photos.  So, just a quick post about a work in progress....

Middle daughter's bedroom was nothing special, which also encouraged the messes to stick around.  While we painted the room when we moved in seven years ago, they had become quite dirty and scuffed.  Over the years, the room has been shared by all three girls, individually, and by various combinations of two.  As all three girls are growing up, it is time to give each of them their own personalized space.  

We poured over pictures on the internet of girls rooms, and decided to do a Paris Theme.  The room is about 80% done, we just need to finish decorating the walls...
~~~ A Throwback Thursday Post~~

When we moved in, we inherited this scary 70's room on our third floor. Paneling, wallpaper, a drop ceiling & a green rug of unknown age (which I temporarily covered with one of our rugs - in purple, which just matched the green soooo well, lol).  Fixing this room was the first order of business since we needed a safe, clean place for our girls to play with their multitude of toys.
Tore the paneling and drop ceiling down, had the ceiling replaced and painted the walls....  I purchased a white Expedit from Ikea as well as four Trofast frames and bins.  Kitchen, dollhouse and art easel from Target.
Behind the kitchen is an art area...
An art nook - smocks on the door, painting on the opposite side of the chalkboard. Ikea magnetic strips to easily swap out the artwork. Ikea door drape to "hide" the bathroom door.
And opposite the table with all of the supplies, crayons, markers, coloring books, all arts & crafts.
A reading nook with my childhood crib, and Ikea leaves.