Buried deep in the latin quarter of Paris, France is a tiny little restaurant you would hardly notice as it only has only a tiny name sign next to the door.  I was guided here by a co-worker who had learned of it from a friend...  You are jovially greeted by one of the owners and seated at a tiny table, in a room much like someone's living room.  There is no printed menu, in French he tells you the two choices of meals.  While we waited for our dinner, the owner handed us a box of postcards to look through...

It inspired me to put my postcards in and old cigar case, open, for perusing.  The postcards are ones I've received since childhood in the mail, postcards I've purchased on trips, and postcards the girls and I sent hubby while he was deployed.  Now, when we purchase postcards on trips, we write little memories on them to rediscover years from now.

Reminders of of beach trips, here a mini collection from Long Island Beaches.

For the pantry.  I love the very old ones with the wire closure and glass lid.
The classic money jar.
In the bathroom for cotton balls and nail files.
This is an old project which was inspired by some quick projects I saw on other blogs.  While the medicine cabinet started out organized, after some time I realized it could be much more effective.  I don't even remember what was in that silver container - because I rarely used it.

I also hated that big crack down the back, and the blue paper on the bottom that had been in the cabinet since we moved in.

I grabbed some spackle, sealed up the crack and searched my basement for leftover paint.  I decided bright yellow for a nice cheery pop in the morning.  The bright sun color led to the flowers and covering the shelves with paper I had purchased from Ikea some time back.   I grabbed some dollar bin containers I had already purchased from Target.  I used velco from Home Depot to secure my glasses case to the back wall, allowing me to take it off for travel.  

I still love the bright, organized, cheeriness I get each morning when I open the mirror!

I created this while my hubby was deployed, and now that he's home, I need to update it a little to give him some space too, so there will soon be an update....


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