At the end of every school year, my kids come home with a shopping bag each of artwork.  I wish we would get pieces here and there throughout the year, and it would give us the opportunity to gift a piece of artwork for Christmas to grandparents.  But, alas, the art teachers insist on sending everything in a pile at the end of the year.

Whether you receive your kids artwork in a bundle all at once like me, or throughout the year, it still needs to be dealt with!  While I am choosier about which pieces to keep as they get older, I still need a way to corral all the papers.  

I decided to create books by year, by child, of all the artwork.  I selected a page of artwork to serve as the cover, and wrote all of the pertinent information on it.  
Then order the rest of the pages.  The contents don't all need to be the same size; I often glued smaller pieces to the backs of large pages, or single-punched smaller pieces.  
Depending on the size of the book, I individually hole-punched two to four holes per page.  I used loose leaf rings or ribbon to tie it all together.

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