This is an old project which was inspired by some quick projects I saw on other blogs.  While the medicine cabinet started out organized, after some time I realized it could be much more effective.  I don't even remember what was in that silver container - because I rarely used it.

I also hated that big crack down the back, and the blue paper on the bottom that had been in the cabinet since we moved in.

I grabbed some spackle, sealed up the crack and searched my basement for leftover paint.  I decided bright yellow for a nice cheery pop in the morning.  The bright sun color led to the flowers and covering the shelves with paper I had purchased from Ikea some time back.   I grabbed some dollar bin containers I had already purchased from Target.  I used velco from Home Depot to secure my glasses case to the back wall, allowing me to take it off for travel.  

I still love the bright, organized, cheeriness I get each morning when I open the mirror!

I created this while my hubby was deployed, and now that he's home, I need to update it a little to give him some space too, so there will soon be an update....


American Girl Doll Flowers, purchase here 
4/29/2013 01:34:51 am

Easy, inexpensive, cheery. Nice!

5/4/2013 06:13:58 am

This is SO helpful!!! I organized MY bathroom cabinet. It looks SO good!!! Everyone thinks it looks toats amazing. Thanks!!!


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