My husband is home from deployment this Memorial Day.  He marched in two local parades, followed by speeches at each town's war memorial.

At home we rehung our flag for the summer. This is the third flag we've hung from our porch in the years we have lived here.  The first two were hung from poles attached from the white columns on our porch.  And twice the wind ripped the flagpole from the column.  

As a result, we've tried this new hanging.  We ordered a very large flag to fit into the open space between two columns.  Amazingly, our light hooks were spaced perfectly, and up went the flag.
Unfortunately, we quickly discovered the wind quite easily blows the flag right off the hooks.  After trying a couple different methods (rope and plastic ties) to no avail, I thought of wine corks. 

 I pre-poked holes in with a screwdriver, and pushed them onto the hooks. more flyaway flag.

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