Buried deep in the latin quarter of Paris, France is a tiny little restaurant you would hardly notice as it only has only a tiny name sign next to the door.  I was guided here by a co-worker who had learned of it from a friend...  You are jovially greeted by one of the owners and seated at a tiny table, in a room much like someone's living room.  There is no printed menu, in French he tells you the two choices of meals.  While we waited for our dinner, the owner handed us a box of postcards to look through...

It inspired me to put my postcards in and old cigar case, open, for perusing.  The postcards are ones I've received since childhood in the mail, postcards I've purchased on trips, and postcards the girls and I sent hubby while he was deployed.  Now, when we purchase postcards on trips, we write little memories on them to rediscover years from now.
5/4/2013 12:07:56 pm

LOVE your idea!!!Thank you, Maison 1912!!! :)


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