I opened the refrigerator today to realize we had two open cans of dog food... last week I found three containers of sour cream... Time to re-organize the refrigerator!!
I started with grouping like items; i.e., Jams & Jellies, Asian, Condiments, etc.  In doing so, I discovered how dirty the door shelves had become (eeewww)! So, I popped those into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning while I printed labels.  

Once the shelves were clean, time to put everything back in and use my labels.  I also lined the drawers with paper towels to help make clean up easier for next time.  (I am, however, coveting Fridge Coasters!)

I find that labeling everything makes it easier for my daughters to keep things organized.  And the "Pet Food" label will serve as a placeholder, and no more multiple cans open at the same time!

We have many porch parties in the summer, and our produce & meat bins often become the place to store the beer.... I had a flash of inspiration and removed one of the drawers and lined the beer up on the bottom of the fridge.  I can fit more, and we can also see all the different choices!  My refrigerator is on the empty side right now; I've been trying to use everything and start fresh - my goal is to eliminate most of the processed food we purchase as a family.  More on that to come!
There's not enough door space, so I used some plastic containers to help corral my similar items, which also proves useful during outdoor barbecues - I just grab the whole bin and take it outdoors.

One Final Look:
Before (Many months ago)
This is an old project which was inspired by some quick projects I saw on other blogs.  While the medicine cabinet started out organized, after some time I realized it could be much more effective.  I don't even remember what was in that silver container - because I rarely used it.

I also hated that big crack down the back, and the blue paper on the bottom that had been in the cabinet since we moved in.

I grabbed some spackle, sealed up the crack and searched my basement for leftover paint.  I decided bright yellow for a nice cheery pop in the morning.  The bright sun color led to the flowers and covering the shelves with paper I had purchased from Ikea some time back.   I grabbed some dollar bin containers I had already purchased from Target.  I used velco from Home Depot to secure my glasses case to the back wall, allowing me to take it off for travel.  

I still love the bright, organized, cheeriness I get each morning when I open the mirror!

I created this while my hubby was deployed, and now that he's home, I need to update it a little to give him some space too, so there will soon be an update....


American Girl Doll Flowers, purchase here 
Most of the shelves in our kitchen were scratched up, so I took so vinyl place mats from Target, cut to size, and voila, a beautiful splash of color, and removable & cleanable shelf liners.

Thank you for stopping by my new blog!  

Seven years ago we purchased a beautiful circa 1910 home.  We have a beautiful stain glass window in the entry, pocket doors, original woodwork - unfortunately some of that was painted over! and a fabulous porch for our summer porch parties.  What we don't have are closets!  Finding a place for our stuff can be a challenge, but this is our forever home, and I look forward to creating an elegant space with a touch of french influence.

I've been a stay-at-home mom the past few years, since my husband deployed with the military.  It was too hard to keep a job and keep up with our three girls, the house, the dog, well, you get it...  and I was fortunate we could afford for me to (temporarily?) leave the work force.  Over the past few years I de-stressed by organizing our house, and very recently discovered my inner-cook!  

I'm inspired by so many wonderful blogs out there, and hope that some of my projects will inspire others...   

Bear with me as I'm off to a somewhat bumpy start, finding my voice, figuring out the technical aspects of blogging while trying to find new and interesting projects.  I'll occasionally have some "#throwbackthursday" posts to catch up on some of the older projects we've already done.