Middle daughter's current favorite candy & flavor is Swedish Fish... and so, for her birthday, she wanted a Swedish Fish Candy flavor cake....  I really didn't know what they taste like, so first order of business was hitting the internet for recipes (not so successful) and tasting the candy!  I can't quite describe the flavor, but one recipe suggested adding "raspberry flavor."   While there are many extracts at our supermarket, there is not raspberry extract.... so I improvised!  I used fruit punch flavor Jell-O, I would have used raspberry flavor Jell-O, but they only had sugar-free..... which contains aspartame... which is a whole other post about the evils of artificial sweeteners and foods.  Anyway, the girls all tell me I nailed the flavor. Unfortunately, not being a regular baker, I can't make food-network worthy beautiful creations... yet!  If you try this, please let me know what you think! 

Swedish Fish Flavor Cake

For the Cake:
Duncan Hines Signature Red Velvet Cake Mix
Jell-O Fruit Punch (I used the regular, not sugar free)

For the Frosting:
Raspberry Jelly
Cream Cheese (I used three packets!)
Powdered Sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

I made the cake following the Duncan Hines directions, but added in the Jell-O packet.  

Make Cream Cheese Frosting:  
With an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese and vanilla extract until smooth.  Many recipes call for two cups of powdered sugar to 4 ounces of cream cheese.  I find that way too sweet... so I just pour in some powdered sugar, blend, taste, add more sugar, taste, and on until I'm happy.  (and actually, since I've been tasting all along, I get a second opinion from my husband before I think it is sweet enough - because he thinks it is sweet enough at that point)

Cut the cooled cake rounds in half, more carefully than I did to avoid a lopsided cake.  Spread a very thin layer of raspberry jelly, then frost with the Cream Cheese frosting... repeat two times (or not at all if you decided not to go for four layers!).  I did not put raspberry on the very top of the cake - only the cream cheese frosting. Decorate with Swedish Fish.  (for the more skilled cake bakers out there, I would love to see your creations!)

Nuala O'Neill
11/14/2013 09:12:05 am

it tasted great, when are you going to update this again?

7/29/2014 06:41:01 pm

nice posts


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