Thank you for stopping by my new blog!  

Seven years ago we purchased a beautiful circa 1910 home.  We have a beautiful stain glass window in the entry, pocket doors, original woodwork - unfortunately some of that was painted over! and a fabulous porch for our summer porch parties.  What we don't have are closets!  Finding a place for our stuff can be a challenge, but this is our forever home, and I look forward to creating an elegant space with a touch of french influence.

I've been a stay-at-home mom the past few years, since my husband deployed with the military.  It was too hard to keep a job and keep up with our three girls, the house, the dog, well, you get it...  and I was fortunate we could afford for me to (temporarily?) leave the work force.  Over the past few years I de-stressed by organizing our house, and very recently discovered my inner-cook!  

I'm inspired by so many wonderful blogs out there, and hope that some of my projects will inspire others...   

Bear with me as I'm off to a somewhat bumpy start, finding my voice, figuring out the technical aspects of blogging while trying to find new and interesting projects.  I'll occasionally have some "#throwbackthursday" posts to catch up on some of the older projects we've already done.  

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