I'm on a mission to start cooking healthy food & to stop purchasing processed food.  After a year of my husband being deployed, and a year of quick and easy kid-meals, I am sick of hot dogs, chicken nuggets & take out rotisserie chickens!

To help keep my inspiration and challenge myself, I am going to post my meals here....  Join my challenge, and post your dinner here too!
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Not much of a cook?  I have the best cookbook for you to try!  Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely.  The cookbook offers weekly menus along with the weekly shopping list.  It was just what I needed a few years ago when I wasn't much of a cook.  I didn't have to plan, I just went through each menu... and surprise, surprise, my family liked so many more of the meals than I would have expected!  AFter sic months or so, I found I had actually learned things about cooking, like using cornstarch to thicken liquids into a gravy.  I finally had confidence in my cooking!  Now I am more apt to try new recipes, and have discovered my inner cook!

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